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Bathroom Art: ´Sunset Skinny Dip´

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The perfect gift for the one who treats his or her bathroom just like any other room - a room where you live and love and therefore it needs art on the wall. 

See ya white boring wall or tiles, let's nail you with an art print about skinny dipping while the sun sets! 

A unique artwork created by Chris Lily James.

- Produced in Amsterdam
- Signed by Chris Lily James

Paper type: Tintoretto Neve (300 grams), durable environment-friendly and 100% natural paper (FSC approved) which means you will be able to enjoy it for decades to come. 

Unframed. Price excluding delivery.  



Speak to our team of art specialists if you have questions or if you'd like to view the artwork! We are here to assist with bespoke advice and provide private consultations (virtual or in-person).

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