It is intriguing how we can be deeply moved by one piece of art, as if struck by lightning, while another piece can leave us almost unaffected. The reason for this phenomenon may lie in various factors such as color, shape, composition, atmosphere, or lighting. Ultimately, it is likely to be influenced by our personal preferences, character, and lifestyle. The art that resonates with us can reveal something about ourselves and serve as a source of inspiration.

At Curated by Make Room, we understand the power of art in telling one's story and reflecting their personality. As an online art gallery based in Singapore, we have carefully curated a collection of handmade, original artworks that will complement your unique style and help you express yourself.

Our founder, Barbara, has a never-ending passion for creativity and design, which led her to establish Curated by Make Room. She believes that our living spaces are a canvas for self-expression, and through her love of art and interior design, she strives to create a bridge between the two.