Bespoke Advice

No matter if you're an art enthusiast, seeking a gift for a loved one, an interior designer or a newcomer to the art scene, we're here to assist you in discovering unique artworks created by the most promising artists. Acting as your guide in the art world, we carefully curate affordable handmade pieces for hotels, restaurants, clubs, homes, and other settings.


With our vast network of artists and expertise in developing design concepts, we're equipped to provide personalized and refined curation services to help you discover exceptional artworks tailored to your needs and those of your clients.

First dibs

As a component of our customized solutions, we can provide you with exclusive access to our latest and forthcoming artworks and artists, positioning you at the forefront of the latest trends in the art world.

Commissioned artworks

In case you are unable to find the exact artwork you're searching for, we can delve into personalised commissions from our extensive network of artists for various projects.


  • Virtual ($150)

    We offer virtual art consultations via Zoom, where we can connect with you over video and have a conversation about your art preferences. You can show us your space using your camera, and we can discuss different options for art pieces that will complement your home and style.

    Our virtual consultations are designed to be as personalised and informative as our in-person consultations. We will ask all the right questions to understand your tastes, style, and the ambience you are trying to create in your space.

    Additionally, after the Zoom consultation, we will send you a proposal to show you different options and styles of art that we believe will work well in your space, giving you the opportunity to visualise how different pieces will look in your home. Our goal is to make the consultation process as easy and convenient as possible for you while still providing the same level of personalised service as an in-person consultation. We look forward to connecting with you over Zoom and finding the perfect piece of art to enhance your space.

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  • In-person ($150/hr, minimum 3 hrs)

    We understand that finding the perfect piece of art can be challenging and that you want to ensure that it complements your home and style. Perhaps you are looking to introduce new colours or styles into your space. Additionally, you may have existing pieces of art that you would like to assess, determining if they are in the right place or if they could be better placed elsewhere in your home.

    We are here to help with all of these questions. We offer in-person consultations, where we can come to your home and listen to your art wishes while assessing your space. We will ask all the right questions to ensure that we understand your style and preferences, and we will take the time to listen to your ideas and desires. After our visit, we will come up with a proposal that includes a range of options that we believe will suit your space and taste. Our goal is to provide you with personalised and tailored service, so you can find the perfect piece of art that you will love for years to come.

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