Art is always a part of any space that I create for my clients -- and I love taking a piece of art and building off it in interior design. If you've been following me for a while, you know that art is my thing on every project my team and I are doing. 

Beautiful spaces aside, art will stand the test of time and be a legacy that you can pass on to your loved ones.

Have you noticed how bold and playful art is popping up everywhere? From decor magazines, design TV shows, and gallery stores. This shows that bold and playful design is definitely in. 

Bold illustrative design, combined with bright colours, evokes a sense of playfulness creativity.


Speaking of bold and playful design, I dressed up my previous living room, now a library- wall without overwhelming the other part of the room and perhaps one of the boldest rooms in my house. I feel like the arts bring my stylish library room to life. 

And of course a right furniture can give your room an instant character. It’s just about knowing which to go for and how it’s going to fit in well with the other features in that room. It can bring a plain room to life by adding personality, or it can enhance your already detailed room. It is such a simple addition, yet it has the ability to change the entire way a room can look in an instant. Try experimenting and considering a few different options before committing to anything.

Always remember, be yourself and nothing says "unique" like custom playful artwork designed just for you by a professional artist. Need ideas or comission pieces? Let us know by booking your consultation with us.

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