Japandi style is definitely becoming more popular nowadays. Japandi is the fusion of a Scandinavian aesthetic with Japanese simplicity. Japandi's interior is clean, calm, and pleasant. Dominated by natural materials and tranquil colour schemes.There is no doubt that, like any other interior, Japandi would be incomplete without art.

              Photo source: poshpennies.com

The good thing about Japandi is that it blends simplicity and minimalism, making it easy to design a space with this aesthetic. Just keep in mind the golden rule though: LESS IS MORE. What I love most about Japandi is that the style manages to beautifully intertwine the aspects of Nordic concept of Hygge (a feeling of warmth and well-being in the home) and the concept of wabi-sabi (the acceptance of imperfection).



Of course, art is at the heart of Japandi interior design, and the best artworks for this style are:

  • Minimalist
  • Neutral and natural colours
  • Black and white 
  • Abstract
  • Monochrome



Keep in mind that form and functionality are the focus of Japandi design. Each item you add to the room should be carefully considered and selected to complement the muted, neutral appeal of Scandi-Japanese aesthetics.

Simplicity is the key. 

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